Quiz Bowl

Quiz bowl is an amazing club that would be perfect for anyone. It’s all about trivia. Anyone can join because everyone has strengths in different aspects of knowledge. Whether someone has lots of knowledge based on history, math, science, literature, grammar, movies, music, sports, or anything else one can think of, they will be a help to the team. Quiz bowl also has a flexible schedule which allows its members to easily participate in several after school activities if they wish.  This club allows new bonds to form and friendships to flourish. Practices are tons of fun and never feel taxing. Because it is open to all grade levels, it allows for other classes to get to know each other better than they would be able to in a typical classroom setting. Last year we wrapped up the quiz bowl season by competing against other schools in the district. The team from 2017-18 proudly came in fourth place at the competition. Quiz bowl starts in November and ends in February and in those months, members have loads of fun, build stronger friendships, and learn lots of quirky facts along the way.

“Quiz bowl is fun because you don’t have to be a walking encyclopedia. Everyone has their strengths in knowledge whether it’s in math, science, literature, or simply pop culture. Once those strengths come together as a unit, you not only help each other in competition, but you help each other learn more random stuff that you can brag about to your friends and family (even your teachers).  Also, Mark Twain is the answer for the author of every book you don’t know ;)”  – Quiz Bowl Member, class of 2018
” I enjoy quiz bowl because it gives me the opportunity to socialize with my classmates along with one of the greatest teachers in the school, Mr. Shockley.” – Quiz Bowl Member, class of 2019
” It was a great load of fun to meet knew friends and make new memories.  (And you get out of school).” – Quiz Bowl Member, class of 2019