Science Olympiad

Science Olympiad is a team club where you can explore new topics and create new projects in science. In march, the team will compete with dozens of area schools in about two dozen events. Some of the events are more academic, such as cell biology or disease detective. Other events are more building oriented, such as elevated bridge or Wright stuff. Events change year to year. For example, the 2010 season the events were the following:

Anatomy & Physiology
Cell Biology
Chemistry Lab
Disease Detective (Identifying diseases and epidemics)
Dynamic Planet (Earth science related)
Egg-O-Naut (Launch an egg in the air without breaking it)
Elevated Bridge
Environmental Chemistry
It’s About Time (Build a homemade clock)
Mission Possible (Build a rube-Goldberg device)
Mousetrap Vehicle
Ornithology (Bird identification)
Physics Lab
Picture this (A pictionary-like game with science terms)
Remote Sensing (Studying satellite imagery)
Technical Problem Solving (Math-like predictions)
Trajectory (Build a catapult)
Write it-Do it(Building an object off of your partner’s directions)

As you can see there is an event that will interest everyone. When I know what the events will be for 2012 I will post them. I am allowed to bring 15 members for a team. Members will be chosen on the basis of enthusiasm, attendance and previous experiences. I am always looking for underclassmen to join the team.

Responsibilities for members will include: regular attendance at meetings, assisting in fundraising, assisting the building of at least one project and following all rules and expectations outlined in the handbook. If I have more than 15 people interested I can bring alternate teams. We will begin meeting in november. I hope to see you there!!!!!!!

Adam Gifford-Coach
Constantine High School Science Olympiad