Science Olympiad

Science Olympiad is a team club where students have the opportunity to compete academically in a diverse array of science topics.  During the first week of March, the team will travel to Kalamazoo Community College to compete with dozens of area schools in about two dozen events. Some of the events are more academic, where teams of two will be tested in events such as  Astronomy, Cell Biology or Forensics. Other events are more building oriented, where teams may construct vehicles, bridges, towers or airplanes. Events change year to year but there is an event for almost any scientific pursuit.

Members will be chosen on the basis of enthusiasm, attendance and previous experiences. I am always looking for underclassmen to join the team.  Responsibilities for members will include: regular attendance at meetings, assisting in fundraising, and following all rules and expectations outlined in the handbook. If I have more than 15 people interested I can bring alternate teams. We will begin meeting in November. If you have any questions, contact Mr. Gifford.  My email is