Please remember that the course selections your child makes in the Spring determines what classes we offer in the fall. Please choose accordingly. For this reason, If a class is listed on a student’s scheduling sheet in the Spring, and then they request a change in the fall, that request is not likely to be granted.

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Early Middle College Brochure

Early/Middle College Handbook
Provides additional information about the program.

Early/Middle College student application
These can also be picked up in the office. They should be returned to the counselor.

Sample EDP for an Early/Middle College student
This one is for a student wishing to pursue an Associate of General Studies. In reality, all these plans will need to be developed individually for each student depending on the program they are interested in.

Scheduling Information for Freshmen 2015-16

Course Listings for 2015-16

Educational Development Plan

Graduation Requirements
This outlines the requirements needed for graduation at Constantine High School. These are aligned with the Michigan Merit Curriculum set forth by the State of Michigan Department of Education.

Early/Middle College Prezi presentation
This was presented at the parent information meeting on June 18th, 2015. Very good information here….

Glen Oaks Community College – Degrees and Programs
Click on the curriculum guide for any program that looks interesting to see what classes will be required.

Qualifying Scores for Dual Enrollment and Early/Middle College
These scores come from the Michigan Department of Education. Students would have to meet or exceed one or more of these scores AND also scores that may be required by a particular college for a particular class.

Career Cruising
Our students have used Career Cruising in a variety of ways since Middle School. It is the best way to get a list of career options that match a student based on their answers to questions. It will also provide information about those careers, including income and educational requirements. This program offers a good way to link with educational institutions in a certain geographic location that offer programs a student may be interested in.

The initial login is constantine for username and falcons as the password. If the student doesn’t remember their individual login information to get into their EDP, they can see Ms. Russell.

Michigan Transfer Network – MACRAO Agreement
See how classes at one college will transfer over to another college – for the state of Michigan only

At Constantine High School the guidance and counseling staff provides students with the opportunities:

* to discuss issues that interfere with their ability to perform well in the classroom

* to evaluate and revise their schedules according to post-secondary goals, interests, and aptitude

* to explore career and college options

Students requesting to meet with the guidance counselor should make an appointment in the office. During these appointments, students and/or parents may discuss, in confidence, any issue that is important to them. Students and/or parents may call the high school at 269.435.8920 ext. 62935