Emergency Information

Weather Conditions

When severe weather or snow forces the delay of closing of school, the following stations are notified as soon as possible: WLKM; WKMI; WRKR; WKFR; WKZO; WQLR; WFRN; WMSH; WQSN; WBYT; WRBR; WNWN; and U-93. The following television stations are also notified as soon as possible: WSJV-Channel 28; WWMT-Channel 3; WNDU-Channel 16; and WSBT-Channel 22. When it is necessary to close school early, the same stations will be called in advance of dismissal.

There is no dismissal during a tornado warning, but students and parents should discuss a family procedure to follow in case there is no one home in the event of cancellation or early school closing.